New from HCE:

The Disgust Issue

Grotesque? Insipid? Erotic? Neurotic?

Grotesque? Insipid? Erotic? Neurotic?

The Circles Issue




You can now buy luxurious paper copies of Here Comes Everyone magazine at £5 per issue plus £1 for p+p, the best way to pay is via Paypal to You can also buy copies at SP/HCE events or from  HCE stockists.

Here Comes Everyone: The Idiots Issue

The Idiots Issue

Here Comes Everyone: The Jerusalem Issue


Here Comes Everyone: The NHS Issue

The NHS Issue


HCE - The Prophecy Issue



The Dinosaurs Issue

Here Comes Everyone : The Colours Issue


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Join The Network

We invite all contributors to join the Network when they submit to HCE. This enables us to connect you with fellow contributors, artists and other creative people who you can work with to refine your submission or other projects:

You can also find us on Twitter (@HereComesEvery1 and @SilhouettePressand Facebook!

Issue One of HCE will be out on 30 August, 2012 available to read on the website in PDF format, and as an E-book. Depending upon the success of Issue One we will also consider publishing a print version.

Enquiries: contact or


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