The EAST AND WEST Issue – Submit Now!

Submissions close: 6th October 2016

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry, fiction, articles and artwork. We encourage bold and/or striking interpretations upon the theme East and West:

back cover for web

For the East & West Issue, we’re encouraging writers worldwide to challenge or explore cultural identity, migration, diversity, relationships, conflict and any other topics that you feel relate to East & West. Like the issues before it, we’re looking for interesting and unique interpretations of the theme. Share your stories and perspectives with us. Some thinking points to get you started:
– Is Donald Trump’s wall strong enough to hold his ego in?
– Will migration change cultural policies in urban settings?
– Will Brexit break Britain, or just burden Brussels?
– Does growing up in different neighbourhoods change how we see the overall city? human-brain-left-right-functions-rb-male-female
– Is ‘The West’ a place or a state of mind? (Australia and New Zealand, geographically East, but culturally West?)
-Dual heritage, cultural pluralisms. What are some experiences of people whose lives are a mix of both East and West?
– Is it good to be a global community?
– Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism: where is it in the world? Why is it there?
– Have Western impressions of the East changed over time, or vice versa? (Why do Westerners typically think places like Japan are weird? Do Eastern cultures think the USA and Britain are weird?)


Please read our submissions guidelines and submit your work via Submittable. It’s easy (and free) to sign-up for an account, or you can log-in via Facebook.


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The Transition Issue – Submit Now!

Submissions close: 30/4/2016

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry/fiction/articles/artwork.



The Transition issue, the first under new management, in name signifying both this change and the change in style of the magazine as a whole. Like the issues before it, we are looking for interesting and unique interpretations of the theme.


-Is change a good thing?

-Have you recently moved home, job or country or experienced a drastic change in governance (personally or politically)?

-Have you undergone, or are you undergoing, an external transition?

-Have you undergone, or are you undergoing, an internal transition?

-What do we mean by the above two questions?

-Is there a name for the moment of darkness between two PowerPoint slides?



Please read all guidelines and submit your work via Submittable, it’s easy to sign-up, or login via Facebook.



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The Blood & Water Issue – submit now!


Deadline 31/1/2016

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry/fiction/articles/artwork.

We encourage bold and/or striking interpretations upon the theme…

Blood & Water, two contrasting yet closely-related liquids that share a rich poetical, familial and  religious history, as well as being a topic of much current discussion.


-Are blood & water tied by cliche?

-Where does blood end and water begin?

-In what ways are they connected by physics?

-Which is thicker?

-Is a shark the ultimate blood & water creature?


Deadline 31/1/2016

Please read all guidelines (any Qs contact us) and submit your work via Submittable, it’s easy to sign-up or log-in via Facebook:



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The CONFLICT Issue – submit now!

Deadline – 15/11/2014

The War to End All Wars was a century ago. The sequel is not much younger.
The Cold War returns to Ukraine.
Violence continues in the Middle East.
The UN is frail.
National bonds begin to crack under post-Imperial malaise.
In 2012 236, 000 people got divorced in the UK.

CONFLICT takes many forms, from a late-night pub fight and wars of independence, to domestic abuse and a gentle disagreement.

We’re looking for you to tell us what CONFLICT means in the 21st century, through artwork, fiction, poetry and articles:

  • Are wars, discord and strife inherent in human nature? Necessary even?

  • How are CONFLICTS resolved? When is it time to forgive?

  • Is “conflict” an appropriate term? What does it mean?

  • What creates CONFLICT? Why do people fight? Why do people refuse to?

All art, articles, stories and poetry gratefully received. Pieces dealing with topical content will be favoured over those that do not, although all pieces related to the theme of CONFLICT will be considered.

Submissions guidlines – HERE

Deadline – 15/11/2014

Find us on Twitter (@HereComesEvery1 and @SilhouettePress) and Facebook!

The Fantasy Issue – Submit now!

Fantastic_Novels_cover_November_1949  Submission deadline: 15/9/14

The next issue of HCE is all about the fantastical, the weird, the magical and the imaginary.    We’re wanting fantasy stories with knights, swords and dragons; we’re wanting creepy sexual  thoughts in the dead of night; we’re wanting drug trips, hallucinations and dreams; above all  we want it to be fantastic!

 Why is fantasy one of the most enduring genres of fiction? And why is it so consistently recycled?
 Is the success of the TV adaptation Game of Thrones good or bad for literature?
Is the fantasy genre misogynistic?
 Is it wrong to think something immoral or imagine doing the unimaginable?
 Are drug induced hallucinations and revelations different from other epiphanies?

 See submission guidelines.

Please send your submissions to and any enquiries or pitches to

Submission deadline: 15/9/14




Submissions now open


It’s submissions time again and this time HCE has a real gem: gender, sex and identity in the Here Comes Everyone Boy/Girl Issue. We’re interested in anything that  challenges or questions the nature of gender, sex, sexuality and identity. We want anything that challenges the gender divide, questions binary sexual characteristics and sexism.

  • As usual, we want articles, stories and poems that tackle the theme in an interesting, challenging or unusual way:

  • What’s more important for gender identification, the mind or biology?

  • What is it like to be between the supposedly binary gender states?

  • Will there ever be an age where people stop identifying themselves with their sexuality? A ‘post sexaluality’ age where relationships and preferences are fluid and dynamic?

  • What’s the difference between a ‘ladette’ and a ‘tom-boy’?

  • What’s wrong with throwing ‘like a girl’?

  • Is art more interested in women than men?

All submissions must be sent to

Please submit enquiries to

Submissions close – 15/7/2014


The Disgust Issue – submissions now open!

Deadline: 15/5/14

  • What is disgust for?

  • How strongly does culture effect disgust?

  • What is it about certain sexual activities that provoke so much disgust?

  • What is the opposite of disgust?

  • What’s happening when something smells bad, but tastes good?

All submissions must be sent to  – submissions sent to other email addresses will be deleted.

Artwork submissions should be of as high a resolution and image size as possible (minimum 300dpi).

To read Here Comes Everyone magazine submission guidelines in more detail – click HERE.

The Circles Issue – submissions now open!

Deadline: 15/3/2014

The next theme for Here Comes Everyone magazine is Circles. We encourage contributions that tackle the theme from a new and interesting angle.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

– Cells

-Seven Circles of Hell

– Clocks and time

– Wheels

– The human eye

– Life cycles

– Holes (man-made and natural)

– Money

– Leonardo da Vinci’s golden ratio


by Alexander Churkin

The nature of God is a circle of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere. Empedocles

HCE 10 Competition

The Circles Issue is a very special one for us at Silhouette Press. Since launching Here Comes Everyone magazine in the summer of 2012 with The Riots Issue, we’ve covered many wide-ranging themes, from the controversial to the colourful, and to to mark this tenth issue we are running a T-shirt competition.

To win a Here Comes Everyone T-shirt, we ask you to submit:

-a poem -short story -essay On the theme of CIRCLES (each prose entry can be up to 1000 words, poems a max of 40 lines.) Simply include “HCE 10” in the subject line of your submission email.

Prizes in each category:

– First: HCE T-shirt (in a colour and size of your choice) HCEantswomenwhitetshirt – Second: printed copy of Here Comes Everyone magazine (an issue of your choice)

Mag Covers WallpaperMag Covers Wallpaper

– Third: a HCE pin badge HCE-logo-16HCE-logo-16  Competition Entry Fee: there is an entry fee of £2 made payable via Paypal to: The competition will be judged by the three directors of Silhouette Press – winners to be announced in The Circles Issue (15/4/2014)! Please note, it is not compulsory for contributors to enter the competition. Regular submissions are still welcome and the usual submission guidelines apply.

Read them here.

Please submit your poetry, fiction, articles and artwork by 15/3/2014

Also see:  submission guidelines page.

Submissions to

Questions to


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