All About SP…

Silhouette Press is a not-for-profit social enterprise publisher that aims to make publishing industry more accessible to all.

We publish Here Comes Everyone magazine and carry out creative writing and publishing workshops aimed at helping people to  develop their creativity and learn new skills.

We focus upon working in deprived communities and socially-excluded groups who are unable to access traditional routes into publishing. We also provide networking support and publishing experience opportunities for creative people  (qualified and unqualified) who are unable to find employment in creative industries.

To find out more about our work, visit the Projects page.



You can now buy luxurious paper copies of Here Comes Everyone magazine, as well as our one-off anthology of political satire, Never Mind The Ballots.

The cost is £5 per issue plus £1 for p+p, the best way to pay is via Paypal to You can also buy copies at SP/HCE events or from a list of HCE stockists.

Check out the SP site to browse…

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