Here Comes Everyone (HCE) is a Coventry-based, bi-annual (aiming to become quarterly again soon!) literary magazine of poetry, fiction, articles and artwork. We aim to be open and accessible to everyone, from readers to contributors. Each issue tackles topical and interesting themes (NHS, Heroes, Colours, Dinosaurs, Brutality etc.)  The magazine was founded by Adam Steiner and Gary Sykes-Blythe in 2012 and handed over to Matthew Barton and Raef Boylan in early 2016. All four share the goal of creating a magazine that they themselves would want to read.
HCE is published by Silhouette Pressa not-for-profit publishing social enterprise which aims to create a network of artists, writers and technologists to create new and innovative content, as well as carry out community creative writing projects, with HCE as a platform for their work.


Meet the Team:


profile pic_Raef

Raef is a Coventry-based writer who explores social realism in various modes of writing. He has been part of HCE and Silhouette Press since 2015, and became a co-editor of the magazine in January 2016. When reading submissions and enjoying Fire & Dust poetry events, he’s on the lookout for originality, a compelling voice, and innovative imagery to strike a resonant chord with audiences. As well as editing the magazine, he currently works two part-time jobs and volunteers his time assisting in Warwickshire Young Writers workshops.


profile pic_Matt

As the other half of the duo that took over the management of HCE in early 2016, Matt is a co-editor, while also mostly responsible for the design and layout of the magazine. When not working on the magazine, he is managing his own graphic design company (Dark Matter Designs Ltd), writing for a design blog, and playing video games. If you were to ask him to describe the magazine in one word, he’d say ‘nightmare’, but with the smile of someone who is well aware of and happy with their unhealthy addiction to work. He doesn’t read or write much other than invoices and submission reviews lately, but his current read is a Lovecraft Collection, and he’s just started writing a short story about a broken SatNav.




Sophie loves reading and writing fiction and poetry, which is why she enjoys her role as an editor for HCE. She is a Creative Writing graduate from Coventry University and was Treasurer at the CovWords Magazine Society, which similarly involved editing, voting on submissions and attending relevant events. One of Sophie’s favourite genres is Fantasy, and her dissertation allowed her to delve deeper into this writing, as she explored the journey of the female hero embarking upon the ‘Overcoming the Monster’ plot with the use of three short stories.



profile pic_SophPSophie Petrie is a poet, literary fiction writer and now also Poetry Editor for HCE. Her work tends to deal with trauma and the collapse of time, with an evocative style that is often lyrical and always unexpected. She recently graduated with a first class Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Warwick. Sophie is currently experimenting with multimodality, and is still working away at her poetry study of the North Devon coast.



profile pic_Mitch
Mitch first joined the HCE team back in 2016, contributing artwork and expertise to The Blood & Water Issue. By day, he enjoys the simple things in life like reading, cinema, art.  But by night the artist turned Devil, Jack F. Rabbit, reigns supreme; as the persona that won’t stop time it has consumed all and become the ultimate bogeyman of the art world! You will usually find him either sleeping in his coffin or spatting some red paint around his studio.



profile pic_AnnaE

Anna is a poet and fiction writer from the West Midlands. She has spent many years living in different countries and in London, but has finally settled in Coventry. She recently became involved in the local writing scene, and is one of the proofreaders for HCE magazine. With a young family, time to write and get involved in projects is sparse, but Anna is a devoted and determined writer (and is getting together a portfolio of her best work from recent years for submission somewhere soon).



profile pic_Maria

Maria is an English and Creative Writing student, and a poet in her free time – needless to say, words are her passion. She loves both writing and reading equally, and working with the HCE fiction submissions allows her to see first-hand how much talent there is out there and how words influence the way people see the world. Maria considers herself lucky.




profile pic_RichardH

As a student who loves to read and write, Richard really enjoys the work he gets to do as an intern for HCE. He feels that working with the non-fiction submissions for the magazine has opened his eyes to a whole new genre of creative work and self-expression. Alongside working for HCE, he also devotes time learning to program, and exploring the idea of narrative in games. Richard hopes to one day combine these two things, by developing a game of his own that has a strong focus on story-telling.



profile pic_Leah

Leah is a self-confessed bookaholic, coffee addict and an English and Creative Writing student at Coventry University. As a non-fiction sub-editor, Leah gets to quench her insatiable thirst for reading and revel in the opportunity of getting to read your real-life stories. She also co-manages the HCE Instagram page. When Leah’s not reading, she says you’ll usually find her writing short stories or binging yet another TV series on Netflix.



profile pic_Aarushi2

Aarushi is an aspiring author who has so far explored writing poems, novels, the short story and travel articles. Alongside this, she has also been actively participating in poetry open mic events like Fire & Dust. As a keen learner, she plans to next get to grips with script-writing for the stage, radio and screen. Currently, Aarushi helps promote HCE, co-manages the HCE Instagram handle (@hce_magazine) with Leah and assists with non-fiction submissions. In her spare time, she loves to get lost inside fictional worlds – a.k.a. read and play video games.



We recently signed up to the Equality in Publishing charter, with the following pledges. EQUIP aims to improve access and equality within the publishing industry, to find out more, visit: http://equalityinpublishing.org.uk/
Action 1
Provide opportunities for regional applicants who may otherwise struggle to access the industry.
Action 2
Encourage participation from underrepresented communities at workshops and events.

Learn more about HCE!

To read our magazines online and submit your work to future issues, please explore the site, there is also a mailing list sign-up form on the right-hand side of every page.
HCE is part of Silhouette Press, a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to create community value from creative work. We aim to build connections between all of the arts to give those people normally left out by such projects a chance to express themselves. SP is committed to publishing the best in new and different writing and visual media and to expand to publish content from all sectors of society.


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