Here Comes Everyone (HCE) is a quarterly literary magazine of poetry, fiction, articles and artwork based around topical and interesting issues (Colours, Dinosaurs, Prophecy, NHS etc.) that is open and accessible to everyone, from readers to contributors. The magazine was founded by Adam Steiner and Gary Sykes-Blythe in 2012 and handed over to Matthew Barton and Raef Boylan in early 2016. All four share the goal of creating a magazine that we ourselves would want to read.

HCE is published by Silhouette Pressa not-for-profit publishing social enterprise which aims to create a network of artists, writers and technologists to create new and innovative content, as well as carry out community creative writing projects, with HCE as a platform for their work.


We recently signed up to the Equality in Publishing charter, with the following pledges. EQUIP aims to improve access and equality within the publishing industry, to find out more, visit: http://equalityinpublishing.org.uk/

Action 1
Provide opportunities for regional applicants who may otherwise struggle to access the industry.

Action 2
Encourage participation from underrepresented communities at workshops and events.

Learn more about HCE!

To read our magazines online and submit your work to future issues, please explore the site, there is also a mailing list sign-up form on the right-hand side of every page.

HCE is part of Silhouette Press, a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to create community value from creative work. We aim to build connections between all of the arts to give those people normally left out by such projects a chance to express themselves. SP is committed to publishing the best in new and different writing and visual media and to expand to publish content from all sectors of society.

Moth Wallpaper


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