Fall of the House of Reason

Martin John

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory hasn’t understood it”

– Niels Bohr


Waves of hailstones shoot through the open window,

shatter the relative calm

and interfere with my peace of mind.

The maddening uncertainty of it all,

how can anyone sleep through this?


But all elements are repelled in the house of faith,

snow, rain,

the truth, pain,

all insulated by an easy answer.

Protection from insomnia

if you can believe what they say.


Gods and Monsters –

polar opposites yet neither attract me.

Schrödinger can sleep

but the nightmare of his cat goes on

in this world

and the next –

and the next –

Martin John has been a member of Poole Poetry Collective for several years and also leads a local poetry reading group. His poems have been published in Poetry Space, LUPO, and in the anthology ‘In Search of Sea Grass’.

Edited by Sophie Petrie