Von Daniken Was Right

Bill Cox

We cross the gulf of interstellar space

Past pulsars spinning in manic fury.

Soaring upon wings of atomic light

Our passing illuminates the dark void.


Through lenses of gravity we observe

Our destination; oasis of life

Where once we stood as gods, masters of Earth,

Revered by the sapiens we uplifted.


I remember Giza, the Nazca plains

And bright Atlantis. As one, we wonder,

Will the children be ready once again

To accept the wisdom of their fathers?

Bill Cox is from Aberdeen, Scotland, where he resides with his partner and her daughter. He started writing in 2014 after he had to give up his first love, hill-walking, because his knees decided enough was enough. Though he misses the mountain tops, he has found some solace in the written word and its ability to take him to all sorts of interesting places.

Edited by Sophie Petrie