An interview with DrayZera – by Aarushi Shetty

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We followed up on our July F&D headliner, DrayZera, for an interview.  We wanted to catch up on his writing practice and performance poetry. He has loads of genuine advice for upcoming poets and writers.  Read on to know more!

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How do you practice your writing skills and how often do you write a poem?
I feel that it’s important to just write as much as you want to do. Not write as much as you can, because it’s like a workout or an eating session: you don’t want to overextend on it. Otherwise, you’re going to be in too much pain and sadness to enjoy what you’re doing. That’s why I write as often as I want. I can write for hours and I can write for ten minutes. Variable, but I’d say often enough to write new material on a consistent basis.


 Do you follow writing prompts whilst working on a poem?
I want my writing to feel organic and not forced in a way that doesn’t make my work inorganic. Of course, writing prompts are important for a reason, but I don’t want to spider diagram my stuff or have BUZZWORDS or whatever to formulate my work. I like to transfer my words from my mind to the page immediately. I can always scribble out a word and redo it in future if I’m not satisfied!

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What would you consider to be the key themes in your writing?
 I’m not the kind of individual that acts like “Oh, I should stick to this”, in that I don’t want to get “bogged down” in certain themes. Why? Because to me that keeps me in my comfort zone…and I don’t want that. I don’t want to live in a complete structured cycle, staying in one bubble. Otherwise you’re going to hit a brick wall and feel stagnant. I’d rather ruffle feathers and pop these bubbles by going to different places. I think it’s always important to not be stuck in a linear light and be open to various rays.
Could you please share some writing tips for poems?
Just write from the heart. Don’t try and copycat someone, don’t try and be someone you’re not. Just be you and have fun!
 What inspired you to perform poetry?
I enjoy being on stage and I like writing words. Performing poetry is a beautiful chicken stripper combo of both! Aside from that, performing is an art in itself. Watching J-Pop artists “Johnny’s West” live in Sendai, Japan last year and seeing their stage presence, as well as seeing various metal bands and more in person strives yours truly to perform moments…rather than going through the motions.

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 You use a lot of props in your performance. Have you ever tried performing without them?
Of course! It’s important to always mix your set and not give the same performance twice. Would you want to have the same breakfast daily or watch the same episode of a TV series on repeat? Nah, you like to mix your salad whenever possible!
 What tips could you give our readers on performance poetry?
Like writing: be yourself! Don’t be a cover band or a cheap imitation of someone else. People want to hear your voice, but more importantly they want to hear YOU! I focus more on being myself and being the person I want to portray, with my words accompanying me rather than the other way around. Of course, your work is important, but so is delivery and how you intonate…but also how “the voice” from within resonates with others. Another thing to note is don’t take too much notice of what everyone says about you. Not everyone is going to like you. Just make sure the important people in your life give you the feedback you desire!
Would you like to share a glimpse of your future projects?
DrayZera never wants to perform poetry alone…
DrayZera is not just a poet…he’s also…
Well, you will see…
One day.

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