Tara Campbell is a recent HCE contributor whose new  novel, TreeVolution, has just been released today. Campbell’s poem ‘How to be a Hero’ was published in last quarter’s Transition Issue of the magazine.
Her website describes TreeVolution as a speculative fiction story that “features  secret experiments, corporate machinations, and a little eco-payback….”
The career of young Washington staffer, Tamia Bennett, is on the line when she’s placed in charge of following up reports of assault upon people (and even dogs!) from the likes of Maples and Yews. Can trees really be attacking humans? And who poses the bigger threat to life in the Pacific Northwest: the trees, or something else…?
TreeVolution is available in print and electronic formats at Amazon and Smashwords, from November 1, 2016 onwards.
You can find further details about the book on Tara’s website, or follow the writer herself on Twitter: @TaraCampbellCom