In the Transition Issue (Sept 2016),

“everybody” was…


Janet Reed – Losing the Farm [Featured Poem]
Erin Smith – More Class than Custard [Featured Story]


Rebecca MiltonRepetition and Recovery
Bill VernonAmerican Bridge
Robert BeveridgeSeven Ways of Saying Six
Tara Campbell – How to Feel Like a Hero
Robert CrispImagine Dying
Robert Ford – Metro
Susan Huebner – Tending To
Sharon LarkinSprung
Nina Lewis – Underpinning
Andrea Mbaurishimana – The Tin Woman
Yevgeny Salisbury – Rejection of a Transition
Monica SimonHome
Glen Wilson – Disembarkation
Schuyler Hazard Hospice
Nicklas HultmanFloriography
Chantal K. Lefevre122 Reflections on  Affairs
Jack Savage – It Will Be Dark Soon
Oliver Schlund – Wrong Turns
Rachel Tucker – Along the Way
Satrio WirabhaktiIt Wasn’t Me
Thea Christina – Crossings
Jon Alston – On the Existence of Matter and the Universe
Daisy Cains – Stopping Short
Solymar Gomez – Chickenheartedness is Just Another Word for Fear
Peter Haynes – Infinite in Every Direction
Tucker Leighty-Philips – In Case of Fire
Mark Reece – Consciousness
Samuel Smith – Swimming Pool
Shane Vaughan The Grotesque Iamb


This page was amended on 27.05.17 to correct a  name/title error. Many thanks to the artist Alexandra Ziakou for bringing it to our attention, and apologies to both Alexandra and Thea Cristina for the mix-up!