Emoti-Con by James Durrell

Emotional cons
Of signified cant
Mark fractured connections
Split friendships at wit’s end
Naked communion with the false signifiers.
Swollen allegiance to a *sad-face flag
I’ll run-tapping to echo your refrain
But how many times does
Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V = feeling your pain?
I totes care about #syria #palestine #ukraine #solidarity
Whatever’s on the humanist timeline trend
I’ll do my bit and re-tweet the massed commentators
The stay-at-home brave,
Condemning whistle-blown traitors
From a thousand miles away.
Modern hieroglyphs assume self-sacrifice
Instant idiot – just add internet.
Where words fail you
Don’t think, just type
btw I <3 U
Since you ACCEPTED my friend request, last night.
Try silent LOL-ing
Like a bell that has lost its ring
A wasp numbed by repetition
The seeping away of its sting
To ignore the intent is to lose the meaning.
Blind usage and abuse
To define and deflect the offence
Scrape over shallow attempt at feeling
[insert Emotion HERE]
“Limits of my language are the limits of my world”
Another great mind (who just had to be autistic) once said
So, ideas + paper = genius, yeah.
To SEND a horrible phrase
HATE for its own sake
And not reflect on it POST-event
Is to SHARE the naïve palimpsest
A pastiche correction of You.
Stacked-up half-lies,
Somewhere between a colon and a bracket,
Each hollow, greased gesture
A new beginning of the End.

“And thank you too much for everything, again”
“No, you’re more than welcome, always, anytime.”
“She’s such a bitch”
“He’s just a friend”
So HvE a NiCe FUCKING daY 🙂